The group exhibition „Here you are“ displays the work of eight artists represented by Kaune, Sudendorf Gallery for contemporary photography.
These contemporary positions mirror our attitude: A belief in highly focused photographic concepts from both documentary and constructed perspectives.

Jason Lazarus for example utilizes the conceptual self-portrait as a mode of personal and cultural investigation. Nathan Baker explores the relationship between personal and social hierarchies through constructing pictures of common situations that unravel to reveal underlying identities for objects we take for granted. Greg Stimac’s photographic series explore quotidian typologies that include campfires, melting snowmen, roadside memorials to deceased loved ones, bottles of urine littered on the roadside, unregulated outdoor firing ranges, and the rituals of mowing the lawn. Marina Gadonneix analyzes the orchestration of empty TV-Sets. Peter Granser deconstructs the myth of Texas, and Christian Patterson’s work is driven by color and a high curiosity for the unnoticed in everyday life. Finally, the work of Luke Batten & Jonathan Sadler (New Catalogue) is a visual research project that mirrors a stock image bank, utilizing historical, cultural, and fictional signs to create visual hybrids and multiple narratives.
„Here you are“ portrays curiosity in the world how it is - not how it could be.

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