Luke Batten Einladung

New Catalogue deeply understands the significance of visual details to convey social codes and popular culture. If critically considered in relationship to how images are created and used outside of an art context, each element in their pictures can read like an iconography of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, but they can also be simple fun to look at.
(Julie Rodrigues Widholm, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago)

Luke Batten and Jonathan Sadler see ‘New Catalogue’ as a visual research project that mirrors a stock image bank or design company. They utilize historical, fictional, and cultural signs to create hybrids that facilitate the exchange of our collective visual psyche. “A New Day” suggests intricate formulas that question critical reality in image production. The show is presented as a concept that is at times beautiful and sublime but ultimately empty. Exhibited will be a range of photographs from mundane landscapes and portraits to pornographic imagery.

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