MMX-Open Art Venue
Anne Frank’s chestnut tree (Amsterdam, 2008) / Jason Lazarus / 2008 / HDV

„...from my favourite spot on the floor I look up at the blue sky and the bare chestnut tree on whose branches little raindrops shine, appearing like silver, and at the seagulls and other birds as they glide on the long as this exists, I thouhgt, and I may live to see it, this sunshine, the cloudless sky, while this lasts I cannot be unhappy...“ – Anne Frank, February 23rd, 1944


July 16 – August 20, 2010

Jason Lazarus’ video Anne Frank’s chestnut tree will be presented during Show V at the MMX open art venue, which is an artist run, non-profit space that will exist
for one year in Berlin’s commercial gallery street Linienstraße in Mitte.

Screening Program V is a Chicago/Berlin Exchange curated by Eric Fleischauer and features the work of emerging video art coming out of the Windy City.

Open: Wed 12pm-10pm, Thurs-Sun 12pm-7pm

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