Business still Business


An Exhibition on WORKERS today
incl. works by

February 6 — March 27, 2009
Centre culturel de Liège - Les Chiroux

From February 6 until March 27, 2009, Centre culturel de Liège ˆ Les Chiroux and Tempo Color
/ Weeks of Fair Trade will present Business is (still) Business, the second part of the exhibition dedicated to the question of work today.

This second part would like to offer a complementary point of view to the reflection brought
up by the first part of the exhibition Business is Business (September 10 ˆ October 11, 2008).

If the first exhibition incorporated irony and detachment with a denunciating and militant intention, the second exhibition intends to reveal the "Back Side of the Scenery" by replacing the human being in the centre of the reflection. Without ceding the political aspect the attention will be concentrated on the representation of the worker.

If the first part has shown the inhuman or dehumanized artificiality of certain options taken by globalized capitalism, Business is (still) Business would like to give the human being its place in this context back. It's about representing man/woman behind the machine, the person in its workspace, the worker in his research and difficulties, his singularity, needs, desires, resistances, limits, fears and joys ˆ in short: the worker in his complexity.

Even if the works are still shown in a critical perspective, the selected works (video, installation, photography) also point out emotional and psychological aspects (especially in a series of portraits). To give them a context and to put them into perspective in the continuity of the reflection of the first exhibition, the visitor will find again works exploring the ideological dimension of our relation to work.

A catalogue including the works represented in both exhibitions as well as texts linked to the theme will be published at the occasion.

8, Place des Carmes | B - 4000 Liège
LUN - SA | 13H30 - 18H.

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