Bikini Queen
'Bikini Queen', 2000
35 x 35" / 90 x 90 cm, Edition of 7

From 28.3.-14.6.Peter Granser participates in an exhition called Great Expectations - Contemporary photography looks at today’s Bitter Years at the Casino Luxembourg (Forum für zeitgenössische Kunst)

Amongst the exhibiting artists are Vahram Aghasyan, Éric Baudelaire, Frédéric Delangle, Martin Eder, Iván Edeza, Lukas Einsele, Patrick Galbats,Dionisio González, Peter Granser, Stanley Greene, Joachim Koester, Laurence Leblanc, Zwelethu Mthethwa, Adi Nes, Suzanne Opton, Ari Saarto, Bruno Serralongue, Melanie Smith, Jules Spinatsch, Sada Tangara, Kai Wiedenhofer.
Curators: Paul di Felice, Enrico Lunghi, Pierre Stiwer.

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