Bikini Queen
'Bikini Queen', 2000
35 x 35" / 90 x 90 cm, Edition of 7

Peter Granser is featured in a Group exhibition of the NGBK Berlin:
All your life
26 July - 31 August 2008, daily 12 - 18.30h

Getting older all your life – an inevitable process that shapes everyone. People often forget that the ageing process begins at birth. The course of aging is linked to various different factors: sex, social position, activity and education, interests and physical culture – many of which make us "look" younger or older.

The consequences of demographic changes have been debated in the media for a long time. Diverse experts have predicted doomsday scenarios of a superannuated society and socio-political measures been taken to soften the impact of the "consequences".

The exhibition Ein Leben lang at the Neue Gesellschaft für Bildende Kunst (NGBK) presents artistic positions which question and analyze the cliché-ridden images prevalent in our society and concepts of old age. They deal with the process of getting older and the personal visions, changes and realities associated with it.
How do ageing people regard their own bodies, society and death?
Unfortunately, our society all too often sees age as being linked to un-/productivity. Such an attitude reduces old age to the period of time spent after leaving working life. Although one can begin to observe the first positive changes in the way old people are perceived, they still often find themselves confronted by discrimination and exclusion.
The exhibition seeks to make a contribution to a more differentiated examination of ageing and presents approaches that examine the ageing process beyond the so-called 3rd stage of life and the widespread debate in the media yet which do not overlook the silent, sad moments of sickness and loss
Visionen, Veränderungen und Realitäten. Welches Verhältnis haben alternde
Menschen zu Zeit, zum eigenen Körper, zur Gesellschaft und zum Tod?
Eine Ausstellung einer Projektgruppe der NGBK: Raluca C. E. Blidar, Simon
Marschke, Jan Sauerwald, Susann Schwarz, Jana Sylvester und Susanne Weiß.

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