Upcoming Exhibitions

Divine Connections

Zeughaus - Toskanische Säulenhalle, Augsburg, Germany

July 29th 2010 ( opening at 7 pm ) - October 3rd 2010

With work by Azra Aksamija, Benyamin Reich, Rami Tufi, Rabi Georges, Damir Niksic, Tom Schmelzer, Maria Zervou and others.

Megachurch 1-2-3', 2006
118 x 39" / 300 x 100 cm - 3 Pieces, Edition of 5

Arbeit / Labour, 7

from the Collection and Archive of the Fotomuseum Winterthur, Switzerland

September 11th 2010 - May 22nd 2011

Up until a few years ago, certain work positions were considered “secure.” Today, with an increasingly profit-orientated mentality and prescribed flexibility, all work models are up for discussion. Positions will no longer be occupied for life. Instead, one will string together a series of professional stations and sites nomadically; full-time work that structures one’s life will be increasingly put into question. Photography has long borne witness to the conditions under which people work. Through factory photographers, for example, who captured the inner workings of a company from the perspective of the client, the management, or, on the other side, “independent” photographers who documented the particularities of sites of production and trade from their own personal external view. The exhibition Arbeit / Labour creates a dialogue between historical documentary photographs and artworks by contemporary photographers. This juxtaposition shows the progressive shift from physical labor to automated activity and to services in which human beings simply maintain control and management functions. With photographs from the archives of “Von Roll,” “Maag,” “Haldengut,” “SLM,” and “Volkart,” and with works by Richard Avedon, Lewis Baltz, Joachim Brohm, Nicolas Faure, Andreas Gursky, Lee Friedlander, Hans Hansen, Sanna Kannisto, Sebastião Salgado, Joel Sternfeld, Jakob Tuggener, Bertien van Manen, and others.


Sun City
'Sun City', 2000
35 x 35" / 90 x 90 cm, Edition of 7

J’ai perdu ma tête

14-1 Galerie, Stuttgart, Germany

Granser’s photographs and video sequences from the insane asylum make do without any freak-show thrills or horror scenarios. They unfold their intensity through the photographer’s reserved gaze and intimate familiarity with his subject. These are compositions made up of nuances, of suggestions and presentiments, images that do not show the grimacing mask of insanity, bur rather its human countenance. It is an eerily familiar face. We know it from the mirror and sense that the way there can be short, shorter than we think. From normality to madness. ( Tobias Wall )


j'ai perdu ma tete
'j'ai perdu ma tête', 2009

Breda Photo - International Photo Festival, Netherlands

September 16th 2010 - October 24th 2010

The festival’s 2010 theme is about this critical balance between control and chaos: T I L T.


Man with a Flag
'Man with a Flag', 2006
39 x 39" / 100 x 100 cm, Edition of 5

Verbindungen ( connections )

Haus der Wirtschaft, Stuttgart, Germany

September 30th 2010 ( opening at 6pm ) - October 16th 2010

With work by Klaudia Dietewich, Rainer Ganahl, Peter Granser, Silvia Wille, Margot Witte and others. Talk with Peter Weibel (ZKM Karlsruhe) and Alexander W. Roos (HDM Stuttgart)
October 10th, 6pm

'Spuren der Arbeit 05', 2003
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