Entire duration of ‚America‘s Answer‘ fireworks package ($99.95), Independence Day 2007
'Entire duration of ‚America‘s Answer‘ fireworks package ($99.95), Independence Day 2007', 2007
59 x 74" / 150 x 188 cm, Edition of 2
30 x 40" / 76 x 102 cm, Edition of 3

The 'Self-portrait as an artist series’ utilizes the conceptual self-portrait as a mode of personal and cultural investigation. Featuring documentary images, performative image-documents, and constructed imagery, the series conflates multiple modes of photographic practice in order to create an expanding photographic epic. By combining an almost diaristic photographic practice with a photographic engagement with broader contemporary themes,a unique photographic project is created that disregards traditional single strategy modes of photographic practice.
Lazarus' aesthetic practice is based in the work of play but it strengthened by willingness to engage the playfulness of work. This is evident in his recent commission by Wright auction house to engage their (at the time) current collection of soon to be auctioned artworks. He performs with and at times, on or gently against these masterworks in an effort to augment or open up there codified and canonized identities, rather than reduce them for his own benefit. As with much of his other work, humor is evident and there is a commanding streak of wit and levity constantly at work.

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